Tiptop Audio - RS909 (Rimshot)


Another voice from the legendary TR-909 in Tiptop audio's product portfolio is this Rimshot. Its two oscillators can be tuned, unlike on the original.



As every drum module from Tiptop Audio also the RS909 has a gate input which is normalized to the accent input, making possible to play the drum with full power without the need to patch a lot.. Of course the accent input's intensity can be controlled as well as the output level of the module.

The rimshot sound is generated by two oscillators which in the original TR-909 were tuned to fixed frequencies. This limitation was omitted by Tiptop Audio as they equipped the module with two frequency potentiometers for detuning the oscillators. The original settings of the 909 are marked with black dots.


gate input, accent input, rimshot output


3U Eurorack module, 4HP wide, 36mm deep
current draw: 12mA at +12 V and 10mA at -12V

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