Tiptop Audio - Time Domain Bundle (Z-DSP card)


The Time Domain Bundle is all about rich delay effects. The package consists of three Z-DSP cards with eight algorithms each. Modulated Delays specializes in animated echo programs, which can be used to create, for instance, diffusion, chorus or pan effects.  Hydra provides multi-tap algorithms. These can be used to generate rhythmical delays. Spiral combines a pitch shifter and a multi-tap echo to create atmospheric to slightly psychedelic effects.


The Time Domain Bundle includes three cards for the Z-DSP effects processor. Each storage medium contains eight algorithms:

Modulated Delays generated animated echoes using control voltages. Each program is tailored to a different type of effect, for instance chorus, pan or diffusion. Some algorithms are based on a mono structure, others offer stereo processing.

Hydra is a specialist for rhythmic multi-tap echoes. Depending on the program, additional features such as pan modulation, filters, a pitch shifter or a diffusion parameter are available. Some programs can be synchronized externally.

Spiral combines a dual pitch shifter with a multi-tap delay to create complex clouds of sound and atmospheres reminiscent of high-end studio processors. – Simply magical!


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