Tiptop Audio - Time Fabric (Z-DSP card)


»Time Fabric« is an effect card for TipTop's Z-DSP which is specialized in pitch shifting FX. The algorithm used resembles these of early pitch shifters and harmonizers from the late 1970ies.
There are eight effects like dual or microtonal pitch shifters, with common or individual delay time control, pitch shifters with quantized intervals and some with different routing of the delay and the shifter.


The programs are intended more for pure effects than complex multiple harmony lines. For instance you can create chords from a VCO signal.
The technlology used can be compared to a reel-to-reel tape machine with tape heads moving with at different speeds than the tape itself and where two tape heads are crossfaded.

The first six programs' algorithms looks like that:
left in -> pitch shifter -> delay line -> left output -> [analog feedback to left in]
right in -> pitch shifter -> delay line -> right output -> [analog feedback to right in]
The differences are in their controls with different ranges. The delay times are ca. 500ms for the left channel and ca. 250ms for the right one.


  1. Dual Pitch Shifter: shifts +/-1 octave. Delay time left <500ms, delay time <250ms.
  2. Dual Delay Shifter: Like program 1 but with individual delay time control per channel.
  3. Interval Shifter 1: semitone quantized pitch shifting with identical intervals for both channels.
  4. Interval Shifter 2: semitone quantized pitch shifting. Left pitches up, right pitches down.
  5. Dual Micro Shift. Microtonal pitch shifting by +/-1 semitone. Common control of delay time for L & R.
  6. Dual Delay Micro Shift. Like program 5 but with individual delay time per channel.
  7. Pitch -> Delay. Pitch shifter before the delay. Feedback taps the delay output only.
  8. Delay -> Pitch. Delay before the pitch shifter. Feedback taps the delay output only.


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