Tiptop Audio - Z-8000 Matrix Sequencer


The Z-8000 combines no less than ten CV sequencers in one module. Step values can be adjusted via 16 potentiometers. Each of these control elements is readout by several of the sequencer channels. Thanks to various running directions, differing pattern lengths and separate control inputs, by combining two or more pattern the user can create lively, diversified pitch progressions and modulations. – Sometimes turning one potentiometer is enough to change the results drastically.



The Z-8000’s sequencers are specialized in generating CV signals. To determine step values, 16 potentiometers are present. Their control ranges can be calibrated to 0-5 V or 0-10 V using jumpers on the back of the module.  – This is a new feature, which was added with the redesign of 2017.

The Z-8000 Matrix Sequencer is composed of the following channels:

  • Four horizontally moving 4-step sequencers
  • Four vertically moving 4-step sequencers
  • One horizontally moving 16-step sequencer
  • One vertically moving 16-step sequencer

Each sequencer channel comes with clock, direction and reset inputs plus a CV output. The clock connectors are partly normalized to each other.

Further innovations of the revision in 2017 include a new, more compact design with better potentiometers and improved protection circuits.


Per sequencer: clock input, direction gate input, reset input and CV output.


3U Eurorack module, 28 HP wide, 47 mm deep

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