Tiptop Audio Z-DSP Signal Processor


The Z-DSP is a stereo DSP processor, with 24-bit sampling, 15khz of bandwidth, voltage controlled parameters, and has the ability to be programmed with a powerful assembly language - all in a Eurorack format. The Z-DSP gives you all the tools you need to control and manipulate digital effects to explore the new sonic spectrum DSP is bringing to the modular synth, including; VC digital parameters, VC Mix/Dry, manual and sequential program switching and a pair of VC Feedback-loop path with exposed patch points that let you insert the rest of your modular inside the DSP process.



The Z-DSP has two totally independent audio channels with separate input level controls and feedback loops that you can break up. thus cross-feedbacks are possible what gives interesting effects e.g. with delays, three digital parameters per effect can be set manually or with control voltages.

You can step through the eight programs of the memory card with a pushbutton or via a trigger signal. A CV can determine the direction (fwd/bwd). Also you can address the eight effects with a CV.

The dry/wet mix of the Z-DSP can be set either with a manual control and/or a CV.

Parameters of the DSP: 24bit AD/DA converters, speed: 6MB/sec, 32k RAM, THD at 1kHz: 0,015%

Included is the "Dragonfly Delay" cartridge which gives you following eight delays:

  • mono delay with lowpass filter on feedback
  • stereo ping-pong
  • stereo delay with independent delay times per channel
  • stereo delay with independent feedback settings per channel
  • 3-taps stereo delay with 25% feedback
  • 3-taps stereo delay with 75% feedback
  • stereo in/out polyrhythm
  • mono in/ stereo out polyrhythm


common connections: CV input for dry/wet mix. For switching thru the eight programs there is a trigger input, a fwd/bwd input and a CV input for addressing the programs.
Each channel has a signal input and an output. Feedback in and out jacks and a CV input for amount of feedback.
Slot for inserting the memory cards.


3U Eurorack module; 28HP wide, 59mm deep.
Current draw : 166mA [130mA at +12V and 36mA at -12V]

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