Tiptop Audio - Zeus Cincon switching PSU 3.75A



Cincon manufactures high-quality switching power supplies. They have been recommenden to us by TipTop Audio for using in their Zeus power distribution system.

This power supply gives max. 3.75A current which is sufficient to provide up to two Powered Bus Boards with adherent Passive Bus Boards.


One Powered BusBoard can draw the maximum allowed current of 2.4A (each 1.2A at +12V and 1.2A at -12V), the other one can draw max. 1.35A (both positive and negative rail combined). Recommeded for 6U-9U tall systems.

Input voltage 110V-240V, 50-60Hz. Thus it makes no difference if you use the power supply here or overseas - it will adart automatically to the mains voltage used there! For that reason you don´t need to carry heavy step-up transformers when having a gig on other continents.

Output voltage 12V DC, 3.75A


Input: IEC socket type C14. Output: 2.5mm barrel type connector (positive = inside, negative = outside)


power supply: 130mm x 57mm x 31mm. cable length: 180cm

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