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Tiptop Audio Zeus Studio System is a power distribution solution for DIY-building of Eurorack cases. It is an active component that is to be connected to a 15V DC switching power supply.

The use of low voltage power supplies and spring loaded contact terminals makes the Zeus system not dangerous and it can be connected by non-professionals.



The Zeus Studio Bus board offers you a total of 16 module connectors: 14 of them are 16-pin headers for connecting eurorack modules and two connectors are for Analogue Systems modules.
the additional 5V voltage needed by some modules is being generated internally by the Zeus Studio Bus! Three LEDs show the active voltages 12V, -12V and 5V.
The maximal current per bus board is 1250mA at 12V, 800mA at -12V and 300mA at 5V.

Tiptop Audio recommend the use of a powerful external power supply with 4.6A for providing up to three Zeus Studio Busses with power.

The Zeus Studio Bus contains only the active bus board. The power supply and a power inlet have to be purchased separately.


The ZEUS system is a little complex and not self-explaining at the beginning, thus we HIGHLY advise to read the manuals before purchasing ZEUS in order to avoid misunderstandings!

You need at least:

  • a powerful switching power supply which converts from mains to 15VDC.
  • at least one Zeus Studio Bus boards which creates regulated (positive and negative) voltages.

If your modules draw more than 1200mA you can still use your powerful switching power supply but you will need another Zeus Studio Bus board you.
Remember: you need one powered bus board for each 1200mA that your system consumes.

A recommended power inlet slution is the Tiptop Audio Zeus Access, a 4HP wide facepate with a power socket and an on/off switch that can be connected easily to the Zeus Studio Bus.


Spring-loaded terminals on the left side of the busboard. Multiple connectors for each line (positive voltage and GND) allow daisy chaining multiple Zeus Studio Bus boards.


382 x 56mm (LxH). It is recommended to use distance bolts or spacers with a minimal length of 6mm when mounting the bus board.

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