Toppobrillo - Mixiplexer


The Mixiplexer is a "mixing multiplexer", also known as an interpolating scanner. You can crossfade between four sources or route to four destinations, for example to mix signals if create new timbres. Normalizations allow for a number of uses of the different channels.



The module marries the idea and design of a quad-panner with a 4-channel crossfader. It is a voltage controlles, flexible 4-to-1 and/or 1-to-4 scanner or switch wich adjustable linear crossfading between the channels. Possible applications include source location or "position" control in a multi-channel setup, timbre mixing or "morphing" between sources, "soft" (ie. pop-free) switching, nonlinear wave-shaping techniques, and programming.

Manual and voltage controlled panning between four channels with adjustable levels is done with the position parameter and the according CV´s. The characteristic of the switching and crossfading betwen channels can be adjusted from soft to hard.

The module is made with high-quality low-noise VCA, allowing for good channel separation. The VCAs close properly as "off" means -100dB. The maximum level is unity gain.

Normalizations of input and output sockets make 1-to-4 or 4-to-1 patching pretty easy. Patching into channel inputs breaks normalizations.


Four channel inputs (1-4) and a combined input for all four channels (ALL)
Four channel outputs (1-4) and a mix output for all four channels (ALL)
Two CV inputs (CV1 with polarizer, CV2 without control)


3U Eurorack module, 12HP wide.
Depth and current draw unknown.

0.3 kg
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