Toppobrillo - Multi Filter


The Toppobrillo Multi Filter is a new/ traditional state-variable design based on a great modern quad VCA chip, the SSM2164. This, in part, helps make the Multifilter what it is, a clean, quiet, stable and very controllable filter at it´s core, without limiting its palette, well suited for processing anything you can run through it. Much attention was paid to the range and feel of controls, inputs and overall usability, including all options standard and more; a very versatile processing tool with amazing sound in a small package,



  • 4 outputs: -12dB/Oct Lowpass, Hipass; -6dB/Oct Bandpass and Notch
  • Notch "Balance" control dials in the H/L ratio with constant power design
  • voltage-controlled resonance from none to oscillation
  • clean self-oscillation over entire range; ~15Hz to 15kHz
  • calibrated 1V/Oct input; tracks ~4 octaves
  • CV input with reversing attenuator
  • voltage-controlled input gain available at the main signal input. 'overdrive' available for extra processing
  • user-selectable gain mode; "standard" or "gain compensated" via special gain-compensation loop
  • user-configurable "Aux" input; either a 2nd audio input or a 2nd control input


Inputs: Audio in, Gain CV in, Cutoff CV in, Cutoff 1V/oct in, Resonance CV in, Aux in (either for CV or audio)
Audio outputs for low pass, high pass, notch and band pass


3U Eurorack module, 12HP wide, 35mm deep (1.375")
Current draw: 25mA.

Module is protected against wrong polarity.

0.141 kg
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