Toppobrillo - Triple Wave Folder


The best wave folder for the Eurorack!

The Triple Wave Folder module contains three independent, voltage controlled wave multipliers you can use separately or in combination. Soundwise the TWF is extremely flexible and offers an enormous palette of sounds, from subtle changes over superwide to totally crazy.



Used separately the separate sections are great for simple but handy wave multiplier applications. When combined almost infinive varieties of non-linear synthesis functions are possible, resembing those of Serge and Buchla in the 70ies. The normalized routing of the TWF allows for using it in different configurations

The Triple Wave Folder is extremely flexible as it's spectrum reaches from simple wave multiplier applications like turning sawtooth into a sinus-like wave, over very dense PWM-like sounds up to extremely metallic, screaming wave multiplier sounds. The TWM's character, complexity and cleanliness comes very close to Serge's unbelievable "middle wave multiplier".

The output of the first section is normalized to the input of the second one. Likewise the second section is normalized to the third one. A cable inserted in one of the inputs breaks up the normalization. The third section has a second output which carries a "squared-up"; version of output one, great for nasty sounds.

Input "In 1B" is a DC-coupled input with attenuator which adds a DC offset to the audio signal - used with wavemultipliers this effect has a big influence as it determines if and how far the positive and negative signal portions are being processed asymetrically. This CV can be a constant DC voltage or a slow LFO - at audio rates crazy things will happen, If no cable is inserted, the potentiometer acts as a manual offset control.

The blue potentiometers control the effect separately for each of the three stages or are used as separate attenautors for CVs. The section labelled "ALL" affects all three wavemultipliers simultaneously, either via the manual controls or the CV inputs.


signal inputs:
- Wavefolder 1: In A1 (DC coupled), In B1 (DC coupled), Out 1
- Wavefolder 2: In2, Out2
- Wavefolder 3; In3, Out3a, Out3b (square out)

CV inputs: CV 1 + CV2, Bias inputs 1-3


3U Eurorack module, 15 HP wide. 39mm deep
current draw: 10- 20mA

0.3 kg
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