Transistor Sound Labs - Stepper Acid


Very intuitive, medium sized 16-step sequencer with a logical layout, easy operation and rock-solid timing due to a dual processor concept. In good old acid bassline manner you can program per step a note with accent and/or glide. The nudge function allows for shifting the sequence stepwise and also transposing the whole pattern. In detach mode you can play one pattern while altering and preparing the next one you want to play - pretty cool for live use.



You can enter the pattern melody on the fly when the sequencer is running using the keyboard or step-by-step using the ◄- and ► buttons at the bottom which is more precise and comfortable. Following attirbutes can be assigned to a step, no matter if a note or a rest: note ,octave, gate, accent and slide (with global slide rate). A pattern can be 1 to 16 steps long
the four buttons of the nudge function at the top right are used to transpose the pattern in semitones with ▲/▼ and moving the pattern forwards or backwards in sixteenths with ◄/►.

For live use the Stepper Acid has some interesting features: "Mute Note" mutes the note output at the next note while "Mute Bar" does the same, only at the beginning of the next bar.
The "Detached" mode decouples the curent playing pattern from the panel controls which makes possible to grab a new pattern, to edit, modify or transpose it before playing.

Gate and Accent output +5V signals which can be changed to +12V by changing jumper setting.
Internal clock has a range of 30-320 BPM. The clock resulation is global i.e. it's valid for both internal and external clock. nota bene: the higher the resolution the smoother the transition to and from maximum swing.
The small note keypad can be used as a CV/gate sequencer when the sequencer is stopped.
Copy and paste as well as Save and Clear makes it easy to juggle with patterns and to construct pattern variations. The module has 40 pattern memory slots. Songs can be easily created by chaining up to 16 patterns


Sync inputs: run/stop, clock
Sync outputs: run/stop, clock
note outputs: CV, Gate, Accent


3U Eurorack module, 32HP wide, 31.5mm deep

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