Trogotronic 277M


The 277M Eurorack module is a nice sounding dual tube VCA. The tubes provide additional harmonics from slight to brutal distortion and produce a nice compression in the low range. Amplitude and overdrive can be voltage controlled and set manually quite precisely.



Amplitude as well as overdrive of each channel can be set with potentiometers and/or control voltages. the overdrive has a wide sound range from creating slight harmonics to nasty vacuum tube distortion.

The module is very adequate for processing a mono signal by both channels simultaneously, after having split the signal before of course. This will add a very interesting stereo image to the resulting dual-mono signal when panned in the stereo field, as there always slight differences between the tube VCAs.

Using phase-inverted LFOs you can create voltage controlled pannings. You can even pan the distortion dynamically when you modulate the overdrive parameter with two LFOs running in opposite directions.

High-voltage current used for the tubes is provided thru an external power supply in order not to put a strain on your Eurorack power supply. The rest of the VCA circuitry is powered by the internal Eurorack power supply, though.


per channel: audio input, audio output, CV input for overdrive and CV input for amplitude.


3U Eurorack module, 15HP wide, ~57mm deep.
current draw: max. 30mA @ +12V and max. 5mA @ -12V
The module requires an additional, external 12AC power supply.

1 kg
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former retail price: €360.50

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