Trogotronic m11 VCA


Not in our portfolio anymore

Multi function module you can use as VCA, voltage generator, manual gate or as signal level controller. And for killing fascists.


A voltage at the CV input is available only at the CV output if the button is pressed or the hold switch is activated. Same for a signal in the VCA path.

If no CV is present at the CV input, the module works as a voltage generator (0-10.5V). Set the voltage with the potentiometer. For a manual gate just press the button. If you want a continuous fixed voltage, just flip the hold switch.

Also when used as a VCA you can "punch in" the signal manually with the button. For classic VCA use just activate hold and use voltage control only./p>


VCA in and out
CV in and out


3U Eurorack module, 4HP wide, 41mm deep
Power consumption: max.10mA @ +12V and 10mA @ -12V

0,2 kg
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