Trogotronic 333M


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The 333M by Trogotronic is an Eurorack module that generates control voltages on three channels out of an audio signal inserted into the 333M. On one hand it is an Envelope Follower, on the other two nine-step event sequencers.



The audio signal is sent into the in socket and can be amplified with the gain control which means you can use everything from weak guitar signals to hot audio from your modular system. The controls Attack, Decay and Range located at the top of the module deteremine how much the audio signal will affect the sequence and simultaneously they shape the envelope follower signal which is output at the "envelope" socket.

The audio signal is being converted into an event sequence. The switches in the middle assigne the CV of each step either to sequence channel one, channel two or none of both. Depending on the position of the sequence switch either on step is played at a time or all nine in progressive order from top to bottom and back. The duration of each step´s CV is determined by the lower decay controls. Blue and red LEDs show the behavior of the audio signal and the sequences.


1x audio input. 3x CV outputs for sequences 1 and 2 and for the envelope follower
CV-level: 0V to +10,5V


3U Eurorack module, 10 HP wide, 50 mm deep
Current draw: average 70mA, maximum 120mA at +12V line and 5mA at -12V line

1 kg
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