Trogotronic M666


The M666 by US-american manufacturer Trogotronic truely is devilish module. It´s a synthesizer voice with twin VCOs but it´s a very experimental brutal one. It makes a lots of noise and distortion. External audio signals can be fed thru and destroyed by the module as well.



Besides two VCOs there´s a dual high gain amplifier and some VCAs inside as well as a filter and a ring modulator.

Soundwise the M666 is somewhere in between a detuned radio, a fierce distortion and a noise generator.


CV-Eingänge: 2x für Frequenz der Oszillatoren, 1x Treshold, 4x VCA-Pegel, 1x Signal Shape, 1x Output Drive

Ein Audioeingang für externe Signale.


3HE Eurorack-Modul, 14TE breit, 5cm tief. Stromverbrauch max. 125 mA

1 kg
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