Trouby Modular Drum Decay


With the Drum Decay, Trouby has designed a dual envelope specialized in creating percussive sounds. One of the modulators was tailored for pitch and filter sweeps, the other is meant for controlling a VCA. The attack phases of the envelopes sound very crisp. For sculpting drums, each envelope offers decay and punch parameters. The modulators are activated via a shared gate input. Two outputs per envelope emit the decay voltage as well as the entire envelope signal.


The drum decay’s envelopes are activated via a trigger respectively gate input. A potentiometer can be used for adjusting the control channel’s sensitivity. The envelopes feature decay and punch potentiometers plus two outputs (decay / entire envelope). This means that the modulators are visually identical. However, the decay behavior varies. This is how the specialization in pitch respectively filter sweep and VCA control comes about. Of course, the envelopes can be used for many other purposes as well.


Trigger respectively gate input

Per envelope:
Two CV outputs emitting decay voltages as well as the entire envelope signal


3U Eurorack module, 10 HP wide

0.15 kg
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