Trouby Modular GDR EQ


The GDR EQ is a passive equalizer derived from schematics of vintage equipment. The module features six bands with fixed frequencies. In detail, there are a high-pass and four band-passes with a slope of -6 dB per octave plus a -12 dB low-pass. In use, the GDR EQ shines with accented, clearly analog sound. - A great choice for removing problematic components from a signal.



The GDR EQ is usable for attenuating frequency bands only. Five of its six filters feature a slope of -6 dB per octave. The low pass offers a slope of -12 dB per octave. With maximum attenuation, frequency bands are removed completely from signals.

The GDR EQ’s bands and frequencies:

  •   -6 dB high-pass - 20 kHz
  •   -6 dB band-pass - 10 kHz
  •   -6 dB band-pass - 5 kHz
  •   -6 dB band-pass - 2 kHz
  •   -6 dB band-pass - 200 Hz
  • -12 dB low-pass - 70 Hz

Audio input and output


3U Eurorack module, 10 HP wide

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