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Microtonal MIDI CV interface and more - µTune is a multifunctional tool for converting and processing MIDI data as well as control voltages. The circuit can be used as a two-channel MIDI CV interface working with the standards 1V / octave or Hz / V. The integrated quantizer and a microtonal scale mapper allow flexible tuning of control voltages. The other way round, CV and gate signals can be converted into (microtonal) MIDI data. Additionally, the module is usable as a MIDI router / merger. Furthermore, tuner and VCO calibration functions were implemented. High quality AD and DA converters guarantee excellent performance. Thanks to USB and DIN ports, µTune can be easily integrated into any setup. Despite the enormous range of functions, handling the module is fairly easy.


Tubbutec's µTune is an extremely versatile module. The following chart lists only the most important features. – Musicians can do far more with the module. Furthermore, the range of functions is continuously extended via firmware updates.

  • Two-channel, microtonal MIDI to CV interface with various voice assign modes
  • Microtonal quantizer / mapper per channel
  • Two-channel, microtonal CV to MIDI converter
  • Scale editor – Results can be saved on a MicroSD card
  • MIDI router / merger  – Note data and clock signals can be send independently to / from USB and DIN connectors as well as the µTune’s internal processing stages.
  • Freely configurable inputs and outputs
  • The connectors detect, whether there is a cable plugged into them. Accordingly, the module automatically switches between several setups.
  • Ten point VCO calibration – Optimizes the pitch tracking of analog oscillators
  • 16 Bit precision converters with a resolution of about 0.15 mV respectively 0.2 Cent. (Range: 0 to +10 V)
  • Two-channel tuner
  • V / Hz mode with adjustable precision
  • MIDI monitor
  • Velocity on / off mapping
  • Transpose function, controllable via CV signals or pitch bend data
  • Much more… (See manual for more detailed information.)
A microSD card and an USB cable are included in delivery.

MIDI DIN input and output
Mini USB port
Two CV outputs
Two gate outputs
Two CV inputs
Two gate inputs
SD card slot


3U Eurorack module, 8 HP wide, 30 mm in depth

Power consumption: 50 mA at +12 V and 15 mA at -12 V

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