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Dual oscillator following the west coast philosophy of one main oscillator with it's frequency or amplitude being affected by an modulation oscillator. Furthermore the main oscillator has athree wave shapers for altering timbre and for emphasizing certain harmonics. The internal modulation index is voltage controlable, both VCOs feature linear FM and have a triangle core. The exponential converter is discrete which implicates slight yet pleasat instablilites.



Wave forms generated by the modulation oscillator are triangle, square and sawtooth; the VCO has inputs for linear FM (with attenautor), exponantial FM (with polatizer) and an 1V/octave input.
The main oscillator has the same CV inputs for controlling frequency. Outputwise we find triangle, square and sine and also a master output carrying the signal processed by the harmonics section. The latter generates complex sounds, blending from sine over square to sawtooth and finally to "folded" wave forms. This section contains a wave multiplier (timbre parameter), a circuit that emphasizes and blends from low to high order harmonics and another circuit that blends from odd to even harmonics. All three parameters of the harmonics section have CV iputs with bipolar attenuators.
In the internal modulation section a switch selects the wave form from the modulation VCO (triangle, square or sawtooth) and another switch selects the modulation destination which can be amplitude or frequency of the main VCO. The modulation amount aka modulation index can be controlled manually or by a CV.


Modulation oscillator:
CV inputs: linear FM, exponential FM,1V/octave
Outputs for triangle, square and sawtooth

modulation section: modulation index CV input

Main oscillator:
frequency CV inputs: linear FM, exponential FM, 1V/octave.
harmonics CV inputs: even/odd harmonics, low/high order, timbre
Outputs: triangle, square, sine, master out


3U Eurorack module, 32HP wide, 26mm deep
current consumption: 70mA@+12V and 50mA@-12V

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