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At first glance you might consider the Voltage Multistage as a conventional analog sequencer but in fact it is an extremely flexible voltage generator. Of course you can use it as a sequencer with slides and gates but it's possible to use it as a VC-LFO, graphic oscillator, as a AD-, AR-, ADSR- and even as a multistage envelope. The module needs some time to understand it due to it's complexity but it's worth it. Awesome unit.



Top row (CV1) offers selectable gates and slides per step, the bottom row (CV2) only CVs without sildes. Am activated gate in the top row is only high for 1/3 of the stage's length and the CV is played. If the switch is set to "off" the gate stays low and previous stage's CV will be played. In "slide" position the gate is high for the entire stage and the CV slides from the prevoius stage's value to the recent one.
If an external clock is applied, "time" parameter determines the length of the slide and gate!

When used as a multistage envelope, each step can be sustain by plugging it's gate out into the "sustain" input. as long as the gate at the "start" input is high, this stage will not advance. this gate should be multed into "strobe" as well, to make the envelope restart on a key press.
A stage output patched into the "enable" input allows the clock to run only when the "start" input is high. this can be used to make lfos or sequences that only run while a key is held
The stage "time" parameter can be voltage controlled. If modulated by "CV B" you can vary step length.
The "ref." output is a falling ramp the length of the entire stage. this is usable as a decay only envelope when using the module as a sequencer
When the "strobe" input is pulsed, the setting of the "analog" control and CV input selects the stage. This is usable as a reset or to jump to any specific stage of the sequencer. If the "strobe" button is pushed, the stage is selected. If the button is held, the "strobe" will latch open, turning the led on. The stage can then be addressed from CV and the analog control. the module can then act as a quantizer.


Individual gate outputs per stage
gate out, ref.-output, CV outputs A and B
CV inputs: time, analog
gate inputs: enable, sustain, start, stop, advance, strobe


3U Eurorack module, 30HP wide, 26mm deep
current draw: 70mA @ +12V and 30mA @ -12V

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