Vermona ´14 Analogsynthesizer


A very special monophonic synthesizer, perfectly combining ergonomy, feel and sound. Aboard are two VCOs, a low pass filter with three slopes, a semi-weighted polyphonic keyboard with 44 key and aftertouch, a very elaborate apreggiator, MIDI, USB, CV/Gate and last but not least even a balanced XLR output!

Strictly limited to 222 units.



The two oscillators are mostly identical, offering four octave settings, coarse frequency control by ± one octave and fine tune by ± one semitone. Four wave forms are available: sine, sawtooth and a square wave with pulse width modualtion from 50 - 95%. The first envelope is used for frequency modulation.
The sub-oscillator of VCO1 generates a sine wave while the one of VCO2 produces a square.
Furthermore the second ocillator features Sync to VCO1 and frequency modulation by the LFO and the 1st oscillator's sine wave.

In the mixer section signals of the VCOs, the sub oscillators, the noise generator as well as the external inputs are mixed together.

From the mixer the signal is routed to the filter which is a resonant low pass with three selectable slopes (12, 18 and 24 dB per ocatve) and three tracking modes (off, 50%, 100%). The cutoff frequency can be modulated by the LFO, the first envelope and the sine wave of VCO 1.

The VCA can be modulated by the 2nd envelpe, additionally the LFO or it can be constantly open in ON mode. Besides that this section has level controls for main outputs and headphones.

In the modulation section there are two ADSR envelopes with separately switchable legato (perect for keyboarders) and times fom 1 millisecond to 10 seconds per envelope segment. The LFO with a frequency range of .05 - 100 Hz has six wave forms (rising and falling sawtooth, square, triangle, sine as well as sample & hold). It can be synchronized to MIDI Colock and features a reset function.

The semi-weighted Fatar keyboard with velocity and 44 keys has a vibrato generator which can be routed wither to VCO1, VCO2 or both and which is controlled by the aftertouch and/or the modulation wheel.

The arpeggiator has not less than eight patterns, variable duration, a rest function between notes and muplitple use of a note. It can be used either as a classic arpeggiator or as a sequencer which can save and recall arpeggios.

As one of the few modern synthesizers the *14 has an electrically balanced output and other than that its output section is well-featured with two headphone outputs, CV/gate output sockets, a MIDI trio and a USB connection.


power: IEC mains in
CV out, gate out
pedal inputs: sustain, volume
USB socket, MIDI In, Out Thru
2x audio input (1/4" and 3.5mm)
audio outputs: unbalanced (1/4") and balanced (XLR), 2x headphone (1/4" and 3.5mm)


77 x 31 x 15 cm (width x depth x height)

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