Vermona Filter Lancet


The Vermona Filter Lancet is a compact yet vesatile analog multimode filter in desktop format. Unlike the MonoLancet not a Moog filter cascade is used here but the filter circuit known from Vermona´s M.A.R.S and DAF-1.


Filter characteristic: switchable between 24dB high pass, 24dB low pass and 12dB band pass.

Modulation by LFO, envelope follower, envelope generator or by an external control voltage or pedal. Dthe LFO goes up to 250Hz and has two frequency ranges. In the lower frequency range the LFO can be re-triggered by external gate or audio singals. Besides sample and hold there are five waveforms: sawtooth, ramp, square, triangle and sine.

The envelope generator can be triggered either by the audio signal or a gate voltage. When triggered with Gate it generates an Attack-Sustain-Release envelope. When triggered from the audio signal or by an additional external audio signal it works as a Attack-Decay envelope.

The envelope follower creates a control voltage depending on the volume of the input signal taht can be used as a modulation source.

The VCA can be modulated by the envelope or the envelope follower or it can be set into a constant-ON mode. The output section has a dry/wet control and a bypass. The drive parameter is a true distortion which adds some dirt to the input signal - fron soft overdrive to hard clipping.


Audio input and output
Inputs for gate, audio trigger and pedal/CV
12V AC inlet for external power supply


210 x 140 x 54mm

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