Vermona Kick Lancet


The Kick Lancet is a handy analog percussion synthesizer with an emphasis on - the name already says it - kick drums.
It has a VCO with two waves, two envelopes and a fast LFO. The Balls parameter adds some distortion and ... balls. The Kick Lancet can be triggered a number of ways.


Sound generation:
The heart of the Kick Lancet is an oscillator with sine and square waves between which you can blended stepless. Oscillator frequency and VCA can be modulated by their own separate envelopes with adjustable decay time. Additionally a fast LFO (3Hz - 3kHz) is available. A spike pulse and noise can be mixed to the oscillator signal. The BALLS control provides some additional Punch!

DECAY controls the decay time (VCA), PITCH: the oscillator frequency; BEND: intensity of env modulation on pitch. TIME: frequency of the BEND envelope
FM FREQ: LFO frequency (- pitch) FM INT – LFO intensity (- pitch)
ATTACK adds an impulse to the signal. NOISE adds noise to the signal. WAVE blends between sine and square wave. BALLS gives more punch

Besides the possibility of triggering the Kick Lancet via MIDI there are three different trigger inputs:

  • GATE:The Kick Lancet can be triggered by a gate voltage. This can happen with a fixed volume, additional accent or entirely dynamic depending on the amplitude of the gate.
  • SWITCH: shorting trigger (eg. with a footswitch)
  • AUDIO: Any audio signal can trigger the kick Lancet dynamically. Trigger pads can be used on this input for example.


12V AC inlet for power supply
MIDI In & Thru
Trigger inputs: gate, switch, audio
Audio output


210 x 145 x 55mm (W x D x H)

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