Vermona - Modular Case 104 Bundle


Eyecatcher – The Modular Case 104 is a noble looking, wooden Eurorack frame with excellent tech specs. Two 3U rows with a width of 104 HP are waiting to be filled with oscillators, filters and other circuits. The built-in power supply delivers 2000 mA at +12 V and -12 V as well as 500 mA at -5 V. – Enough power, even for extremely hungry circuits. Furthermore, the Vermona case offers two 1U rows. One of them comes filled with buffered attenuators / mixers and multiples / inverters. The other row is covered by a wooden blind panel.


The Modular Case 104 features two 1U and two 3U rows with a width of 104 HP each. Modules get connected to the power supply via two bus boards plus an additional circuit. In total, 55 oscillators, filters and so forth can be fed by the case.

Tech specs:

  • Input:
    • 90 V – 240 V, 50/60 Hz
  • Output:
    • 2000 mA at +12 V
    • 2000 mA at -12 V
    • 500 mA at +5 V

One of the 1U rows comes filled with four modules. In detail, the following circuits are built-in:

1x dual buffered Multiple / Inverter

These modules each feature two buffered multiples with one input and six outputs. The latter are devided into three normal and three phase inverted connectors. Additionally, one multiple (per module) possesses an offset input.

3x dual buffered Attenuator / Mixer

These modules each feature two active attenuators with input, a potentiometer for damping signals plus a normal and a phase inverted output. Additionally, there are two mix connectors, which emit the sum and difference of incoming voltages.


The 1U rows are not compatible with 1U modules made by Intellijel and some other manufacturers.


IEC mains connector in the back
55 module connectors


56 cm x 39 cm x 14 cm (W x D x H)
104 HP per row
Two rows for 3U Eurorack modules
Two rows for 1U Tile modules

Maximum depth:
Top row: 75 mm (measured from rail)
Bottom row: 50 mm (measured from rail)

4.5 kg
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