Vermona modular twinOut


A DI box in module format, balancing signals electrically. It has 3.5mm inputs and XLR male outputs, can work stereo and mono and also has a line output you can use as a headphone out
If you don't need XLR inputs, transformer balancing and want to omit the size of Vermonas TAI-4, go for it's smaller brother!



The module balances signals from the modular system at the 3.5mm inputs electrically and emits the balanced signal at the two XLR male sockets. Ze signal level is adjusted manually with the two level controls; in stereo mode the Level 1 potentiometer controls level of both channels simultaneously.
The line output is a stereo 3.5mm socket that can be used as a headphone output.


channel 1 (left): 3.5mm mono input, XLR male output
channel 2 (right): 3.5mm mono input, XLR male output
3.5mm stereo line output = headphone output


3U Eurorack module, 8HP wide, 36mm deep
power consumption: 25mA @ +12V and 25mA @ -12V

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