Vermona modular twinVCAmp


High-quality dual VCA module from Vermona, versatile due normalizations, a summing output as well as inividually switchable amplification ratios and response curves. Use it as two VCAs, voltage controlled mixer, as stereo VCA or as an overdrive.



The amplification ratio (gain button) can be switched between x1 and x4 what allows for boosting low-level signals or for harmonically saturating and overdriving louder signals.
For each VCA you can switch the response curve from linear to semi-logarithmic, a curve specially adapted to musical audio signals.

The first VCA's CV input is normalized to the second one what is handy for stereo use. The level control of the first channels can be used as offset generator for the second channel. The sum of both signals is available at the MIX output i.e. there's a small voltage controlled mixer inside the twinVCAmp.


Audio inputs 1 and 2, CV inputs 1 and 2, audio outputs 1 and 2, one MIX output.


3U Eurorack module,10HP wide, 30mm deep
power consumption: 60mA @+12V and 30mA @ -12V

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