Vermona Mono Lancet - Modular Dock


You can connect your Vermona Mono Lancet to your modular sytem because the Modular Dock gives you additional inputs and outputs for CVs and audio signals. It connects to the Mono Lancet's expansion port and emits MIDI/CV output voltages and also allows for individual VCO control and more.



Besides CV inputs for controlling the oscillator pitch, the filter cutoff frequency and the amplitude of the VCA you can find modulation inputs for the pulse width. This parameter can´t be set with the Mono Lancet alone.

There is an audio input for filtering external audio signals with the Mono Lancet´s filter. The voltages from the MIDI/CV interface can be output at the Modular Dock as well.


Enclosed is also a 25-pin Sub-D cable for connecting the Modular Dock to the Mono Lancet


VCO1: FM CV input, PWM-CV input, signal output
VCO2: FM CV input, PWM-CV input, signal output
VCF: input, CV input
VCA: CV input
MIDI/CV interface outputs: 1V/oct, gate
1V/octave and gate inputs
Sub-D socket for connecting to Mono Lancet


3U Eurorack module, 22HP wide, 25mm deep

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