Vermona Mono Lancet


The Mono Lancet is a compact analog synthesizer with a big sound, a comprehensive faceplate layout and distinctive charm. The desktop housing is painted metallic-anthracite and looks really great with ivory colored side panels and knobs.Two analog VCOs which can be detuned provide for a massive sound fundament. The Lancet has a very dense sound, a really nice sounding filter and can be used not only as a bass-synth!



  • waveforms: square, sawtooth, triangle
  • octave range: 8', 16', 32'


  • waveforms: square, sawtooth, noise
  • octave range: 4´, 8', 16' Detune +/- 7 semitones
Intensity of LFO and EG-modulation controllable, EG is bi-polar
  • Glide (with or without legato mode)
  • PWM controllable via MIDI (modulation wheel)
  • master tune: +/- 1 whole tone


  • 24 dB/octave lowpass filter
  • resonance goes up to self-oscilation. It can be played tonally over a range of 2.5 octaves
  • LFO- and EG-intensity controllable, EG intensity even bipolar
  • Keytrack: Off, 50%, 100%

modes: EG, fixed organ type GATE envelope, ON


  • LFO waveforms: square, triangle, sample and hold
  • LFO frequency: ca. 0,05 Hz - 250 Hz
  • Envelope: Attack, Decay, Sustain, Release

MIDI Interface

  • Note on/off
  • pitch bend on/off (CC 84): VCO pitch (+/- 4 whole tones)
  • modulation wheel on/off (CC 85): pulse width of VCOs
  • aftertouch on/off (CC 86): Cutoff-frequency
  • Velocity on/off (CC 87): VCA
  • Velocity affects additionally the cutoff frequency (CC 88)
  • glide switch (CC 89): glide active when playing legato
  • legato on off (CC 90): ADSR will not be re-triggered when playing legato


A 25-pin Sub-D-socket at the back carries in- and outputs for audio and control voltages. Pulse width modulation and filter CV input are only two possible connections to which the expander Eurorack module Modular Dock connects.


12V AC input for external power supply
MIDI In & Thru
expansion port
audio output


width: ca. 210mm
depth: ca. 145mm
height: ca. 55mm

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