Vermona Retroverb Lancet


The Retroverb Lancetcombines a classic spring reverb with a Filter/VCA-combination and thus is not only a spring reverb but an analog multi-effect unit. With overdrive, filter, VCA, envelope and LFO not only the sound of the spring can be manipulated but you can also create various effects: auto-wah, tremolo, distortion, gater effect and of course reverb.


The classic spring reverb is created by a Belton/Accutronics Type 4 spring tank with three separate springs. It can be insereted to the signal path either pre or post the VCF/VCA section and its sound can be adjusted well with the TONE cotrol. The CRASH function brings the springs into heavy motion and produce the typical crashing sound of springs. The crash can also be triggered by a gate signal.

The multimode filter is identical to the one from the Filter Lancet. It works as lowpass or highpass with a slope of 24dB per octave or as bandpass with 12dB per octave. It is followed by a voltage controlled amplifier. Filter and amplifier can be modulated individually by different sources as follows:

  • Envelope follower. It detects the level of the input signal and converts it into a control voltage.
  • Envelope. The envelope generator can be triggered by the input signal itself, a second audio signal or a gate voltage. Depending on the triger source it works as an Attack-Decay or as an Attack-Sustain-Release envelope.
  • LFO with the waveforms sawtooth (rising and falling), square, sine ans sampleandhold. Additionally it can output the envelope voltage. It can oscillate freely or be re-triggered by a number of trigger sources.
  • CV/pedal input for an external control voltage or an expression pedal.

Audio: input and output 6,35mm-jack (1/4")
inputs for crash, trigger, bypass and pedal/CV
inlet for external 12V AC power supply


dimensions: 260 x 138 x 66mm (W x D x H)

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