Vermona - dual buffered multiple/inverter (1U module)


This 1U module by Vermona is equipped with two active i.e. buffered multiples which offer inversion as well. The left set of multiples has also an offset input, e.g. for transpositions.



Each section of this 1U module has an input and three buffered outputs on top - a classic buffered multiple. On the bottom the inversion ofthe input is available, likewise three-fold, active and buffered.

In the left section you'll find an Offset input socket which allows you to mix an offset voltage with the input signal.
A possible use would be splitting one 1V/octave keyboard voltage by the buffered multiple to feed 3 VCOs and transposing them by injecting another 1V/octave voltage into the offset input.


left: input, 3x out, 3x inverted outputs, offset input
right: input, 3x out, 3x inverted outputs


1U module, 26HP wide

0.15 kg
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