Vermona - VSR-3.2 (Vintage Spring Reverb)


The VSR-3.2 is a spring reverb effect unit with focus on simplicity and good sound.

Earlier spring reverb systems were used to bring the dense ambient sound of a cathedral into the hammond organ player´s living room. Meanwhile the typical, sometimes rattling and resonating reverb sound is a classic.



Like the ReTubeVerb, the VSR-32. uses a spring tank made by specialist Accutronics.
The reverb signal can be refined by a well-adjusted TONE controller and seamlessly added to the unaffected original signal with the DIRECT/EFFECT knob The input GAIN and the OUTPUT LEVEL. have own controls as well.
The effect can be switched off with the EFFECT STOP button or by pressing a pedal you can connect to the back of the unit.


mains inlet (internal power supply)

front jack:  max. input level: -40dBu,  impedance: 1MΩ
rear jack A:  max. input level: 0dBu,  impedance: 100kΩ
rear jack B:  max. input level: -20dBu,  impedance: 10kΩ

2 outputs:
jack A: output level: 0dBu,  impedance: 600Ω
jack B: output level: -20dBu,  impedance:  600Ω


19" rack unit, 1U high
ca. 190mm deep

2.0 kg
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