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The AWM-3 can be used as a wave shaper, mixer, compressor and / or amplifier. The module features three identically designed channels. Positive and negative signal portions are foldable to varying degrees. By daisy-chaining several of the wave shaper channels, extremely complex results can be achieved. The maximum amplification is +6 dB. The sound of the AWM-3 is powerful and clearly analog. Vigorous wave folding leads to extremely beefy results. Thanks to individual and mix outputs, bloodcurdling feedbacks can be patched. CV inputs breathe life into static sounds. It is even possible to create sound colorations similar to a chorus effect. – A jack-of-all-trades!



The AWM-3 module features three identically designed channels. Its signal inputs are followed by compressors, which can be (de)activated via switches. For editing the wave shapers, there are two potentiometers per channel. The control elements determine the folding threshold for positive and negative signal portions. CV inputs plus attenuators allow users to modulate both parameters. Other potentiometers make it possible to separately control the volume of positive and negative signal portions. Additionally, the raw material processed only by the compressor can be added. At most, users are able to amplify audio signals by +6 dB. With the level controls of positive and negative wave folding turned down completely, it is possible to use the module as a pure dynamic processor and / or amplifier. Soft limiters at the output stages prevent unwanted overdrive.

In addition to individual outputs, there are three mix outs, which bundle two signals each. Furthermore, there is a main mix connector with level control, which emits the sum of all three channels. Aside from the signal mixture, the outputs are also distinguished by the maximum level:

  • Individual outputs: +6 dB
  • Mix 1+2 / Mix 2+3 / Mix 1+3: -6 dB
  • Mix 1+2+3: -∞ to 0 dB

Per waveshaper channel:
Audio input
Two CV inputs for positive and negative folding threshold
Audio output

Three sub outputs (Mix 1+2, Mix 2+3, Mix 1+3)
Main mix output


3U Eurorack module, 16 HP wide, 31 mm in depth
Power consumption: 77 mA at +12 V and 77 mA at -12 V

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