VPME - Euclidean Circles


Euclidean Circles is a trigger sequencer featuring six tracks. The module generates patterns based on an algorithm first described by Euklid about 300 years before Christ. Two modes of operation, the editable step count per track and chaining functions allow users to create highly interesting, polyrhythmic results. Thanks to color coding, handling the unit is easy as pie. – A great source of inspiration!



Euclidean Circles comes equipped with two modes of operation. In the first mode, three tracks are defined as main channels. For each instance, users can place active steps based on the Euclidean algorithm. Additionally, it is possible to set the track length and a start position. The other three channels deliver matching offbeat material. In the second mode of operation, all tracks work independently from each other. Results are emitted by six trigger connectors. For synchronizing the Euclidean Circles with other modules, there are clock and reset inputs. Alternatively, a built-in clock generator can be used. Patterns contain up to 16 steps. Several tracks can be chained to form more complex sequences. Mutual control options are available as well. Via random functions, it is possible to mute steps by chance. Furthermore, users can reset one or more channels manually.

Editing the module is done via illuminated rotary encoders with push function. Around the control elements, there are multi-colored LED circles, which visualize active steps as well as the module’s configuration. Thanks to color coding, users always know which parameter is currently accessed.

The pulse width of trigger signals generated by the Euclidean Circles is adjustable. The module’s power consumption highly depends on the LED brightness set by the user. Rhythms and configurations can be saved in 16 preset slots.

Euclidean Circles can be expanded with the Six Switches module. The circuit adds switches for (de)activating individual sequencer channels.

Clock and reset inputs
Six trigger outputs


3U Eurorack module, 10 HP wide, compatible with Skiff cases
The power consumption ranges from 60 mA to 300 mA at +5 V, depending on the LED brightness
No power consumption at +12 V and -12 V

0.2 kg
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