VPME - ZeroScope


The ZeroScope is a compact oscilloscope with two channels. The module features single, dual and X/Y modes. Additionally, it can be used as a frequency meter and tuner. Even though the built-in OLED display is rather small, it is easy to read. Thanks to direct outputs, the ZeroScope can be incorporated into patches very comfortably.



The ZeroScope comes equipped with two signal inputs (1/2) and a trigger port (T). All connectors are DC coupled. Incoming material is not only processed, but fed to direct outputs as well. This means, that users don’t need a signal distributor / multiple to tie-in the ZeroScope. The module is edited via two rotary encoders with push function. The upper control element determines the time base used for visualizing waveforms. By pushing the knob, users can enter a menu. (See below)
The second rotary encoder is used to set the active channel’s gain parameter. Pressing this control element switches between the data set of input one and two. Pushing and holding the knob freezes the module’s display.

The ZeroScope’s menu offers the following options:

  • Oscilloscope mode:
    • Single: Only the first channel is active and displayed.
    • Dual: Both channels are active and displayed.
    • X/Y: The first channel drives the x-axis. The second channel drives the y-axis.
    • Freq: Frequency measurement and tuner.
  • Trigger mode:
    • Trig off: Trigger signals are ignored, the oscilloscope is free running.
    • Trig _/: Trigger on rising edge of the first channel.
    • Trig \_: Trigger on falling edge of the first channel.
    • Ext _/: Trigger on rising edge of the T channel.
    • Ext \_: Trigger on falling edge of the T channel.

Furthermore, the menu offers options to determine an offset for channel one and / or two. Additionally, the trigger input’s gain can be edited.

In Freq mode, the ZeroScope displays the frequency of incoming signals. Additionally, the pitch plus tuning differences in a range of -45 to +45 cents are shown. The reference frequency can be changed between 430 Hz and 450 Hz.


The signal inputs accept voltages ranging from -10 V to +10 V
The trigger input switches at about +1 V
The oscilloscopes time base can be set to values ranging from 10 μs / div to 10 s / div
The gain parameter(s) can be set to values ranging from 0.5 V / div to 5 V / div


Two signal inputs, trigger input
Two signal outputs, trigger output


3U Eurorack module, 6 HP wide, compatible with Skiff cases
Power consumption: 30 mA at +12 V and 10 mA at -12 V

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