WMD - Acoustic Trauma stompbox


Medical examinations have proven that ultimative analog distortions case acoustic traumata!

The sound is being processed in WMD's Acoustic Trauma pedal by two different pre-amps, a parametric 3-band EQ and a noise gate. The unit gives the guitar player a wide palette of sound, from soft preamp overdrive to severe distortions.



There are two different pre-amps between you can blend with a potentiometer: the Cool Preamp is a nice overdrive with low to medium gain and very soft clipping. The Hot Preamp is designed to get louder and to add sustain and it rocks: the more you turn up gain the longer the sustaing gets.

The EQ consists of three independent band pass filters with adjustable center frequency, Q and Gain. The Q controls the filter sharpness; at low setting it acts like a classic EQ, at high settings it is much more resonant and abrasive. A LED visualizes when the summing stage or one of the EQs starts to distort.

Finally there's a noise gate which will suppress the noise generated by the pedal's massive gain. thresholds sets the level at which the gate will react, the noise reduction parameter adjusts how strong the noise is suppressed.

A 9 V power supply (tip = negative) is included.

Input, output (1/4")
Input for external 9 V DC power supply


122 x 91 x 55mm

0.343 kg
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