With the DVCA, the guys from WMD present a new edition of their digital amplifier concept. The module is smaller than its predecessor, yet it has more features. In use, the circuit shines with very clean sound. The DVCA consists of two analog amplifier circuits, which are digitally controlled. The advantage: No more annoying clicks while using fast envelope or gate signals. This makes the DVCA the perfect choice for percussive sounds. On top of this, the module can also be used as a ring modulator.



The DVCA offers two linear amplifiers, hereinafter called VCA A and VCA B. Each circuit is equipped with one signal input and output. CV channels are used to control the amplifiers. In addition, VCA A features a Bias knob and an attenuator. Furthermore, it is possible to choose between a unipolar and a bipolar mode of operation. – With modulations in the audio range, you can create ring modulation effects.

What sets the DVCA apart from other amplifier circuits is its digital control concept. Using switches, you can select two (VCA B) respectively three (VCA A) operating modes:

  • INST: In instant mode, the amplifier circuits behave like normal VCAs that follow the applied control voltages.
  • TR: In triggered mode, the module sets a new control voltage level according to CV A whenever the UPD A input receives a trigger. The connector is normalled to IN A. This mode can be used as a pseudo sample & hold by patching an offset voltage to IN A. (The TR mode is only available for VCA A.)
  • ZCD mode: With zero crossing detection active, the amplifiers update their CV values only at zero crossings of the input material. This prevents annoying click noises, which are often a problem, especially with percussive envelopes and gate signals.

Signal input and output
CV input
UPD A input

Signal input and output
CV input


3U Eurorack module, 4 HP wide, 39 mm in depth
Power consumption: 72 mA at +12 V and 45 mA at -12 V

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