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Fracture is a multi-particle percussion synthesizer specialized in generating claps. Short micro samples are combined in pseudo-random order to form sounds. Thanks to constant changes in the sequential arrangement of the particles, results are very lively. Several sample groups, carefully selected sound design parameters and a voltage-controllable reverb make Fracture much more than just a supplier of analog to digital-granular claps. Rather, you should think of the module as a multifunctional percussion generator, which can even produce entire rhythms.



Fracture uses impulse samples from claps, snaps, ping-pong balls or opening a beer can to generate sound. The audio snippets are divided into groups. You can select these sample sets via the Surface potentiometer. Since the playback is pseudo-random, the results sound slightly different each time the module receives a trigger signal. – A big plus compared to average sample players.

Fracture comes equipped with two trigger inputs:

  • Trig: The main input.
  • Tick: Additional input for playing ghost notes.

If trigger signals are received simultaneously at both connectors, an accent is played. For activating the module manually, there is a button.

Fracture can be tuned using a frequency potentiometer. Other knobs allow you to alter the module’s sound:

  • Spread: Determines how far apart the played impulses are from each other. In other words: Using this potentiometer, you can adjust how many people are clapping.
  • Decay: Sets the length of the sound. – How long are the people clapping?
  • Density: Specifies the tightness of the sound. – Are the people concentrated or completely drunk?

In addition to the potentiometers described above, there are Punch and Tail switches. These control elements can be used to select one of three filters and envelope types. A special feature: If the third envelope mode is active, the module plays individual impulse samples in (pseudo) random order. Using a fast trigger sequence, you can create interesting percussion lines. – Add a kick and a snare and your set will groove! For more movement, put some modulation on top. Except for Punch and Tail, all parameters can be influenced via control voltages.

For sound refinement, Fracture offers a reverb processor with two algorithms. The effect can be added manually or via a CV signal. Furthermore, there is an Inf input, which allows you to activate the reverb only at certain steps of a sequence. Results are emitted via left and right output.


Trigger and Tick inputs
Freq and Pitch inputs
CV inputs for Spread, Density, Surface, Decay and Reverb (dry / wet)
Inf gate input
Left and right audio output


3U Eurorack module, 8 HP wide, 30 mm in depth
Power consumption: 63 mA at +12 V and 17 mA at -12 V

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