WMD Invert/Offset Mk2


The Invert / Offset from WMD's "Utility-Series" is a small and practical dual module for processing signals by adding an offset and by inverting the signal. Besides that the module has a summing output and a comparator output.



The Invert/Offset consists of two independent sections that take a CV or audio input, invert it and then apply an offset. The offset voltage can be dialed manually with the potemtiometer from -5V to +5V or you can use a control voltage to determine the offset, e.g. dynamically with a sequencer.
Two outputs provide the straight offset signal, and the inverted offset signal.

This allows for you to use an ADSR to apply the inverse of the envelope to your processors. The Invert/Offset module is also useful for adjusting an LFO's DC offset. Or for splitting the LFO into simultaneously available positive and phase inverted signals to create crossing waveforms.

Since the Mk2 version the module is equipped with two new outputs:

  • 1+2: A summing output which mixes the non-inverted signals of section 1 and 2.
  • 1>2; A comparator gate output which goes "high" when the voltage of channel 1 is higher (=more positive) than channel 2


summing output, comparator output

per unit: signal input, positive output, inverted output, offset CV input


3U Eurorack module, 6HP wide, 25 mm deep
current draw: probably 20-30mA

0.047 kg
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