WMD/SSF - ModBox


The Modbox houses two LFOs, a sample-and-hold circuit plus a white noise generator behind its 6 HP front panel. The first low frequency oscillator comes equipped with three outputs, each features a different phase. A button lets the user choose between sine, triangle and sawtooth. The second signal generator, a so-called Skewable LFO, has the ability to morph between saw, triangle and ramp waveforms. One or both low frequency oscillators can be synchronized via a clock input. The sample-and-hold circuit is usable with external signals as well.



Even though the Modbox is only 6 HP wide, it offers several thought-trough modulators. The first LFO can generate sine, triangle or sawtooth waves. Its rate can be influenced via a potentiometer and a CV input. A LED visualizes the circuit’s speed. The three outputs are set to phases of 0 degrees, 120 degrees and 240 degrees. LFO 2 possesses a knob, CV socket and LED to control its rate as well. However, there is just one output and no button to select different waveforms. Instead, it features a Skew potentiometer and control voltage input, which can be used to morph between sawtooth, triangle and ramp waveforms. A clock socket allows synchronization of one or both LFOs. Which of the modulators is affected can be set by pressing and holding the wave shape button.The sample-and-hold circuit comes with trigger and sample inputs. Without any cables plugged in, LFO 2 and the white noise generator are employed as sources for triggers and sample material.


LFO 1: Rate CV input, three outputs with differing phase ( 0 degrees, 120 degrees, 240 degrees)
LFO 2: Rate CV input, Skew CV input, output
For both LFOs: Sync input
Sample-and-Hold: Trigger and sample inputs, output
Noise generator: Output


3U Eurorack module, 6 HP wide, 40 mm deeep
Power consumption: 75 mA at +12 V and 27 mA at -12 V

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