WMD - Micro Hadron Collider VCF


The Micro Hadron Collider or uHC, is  dual State-Variable multimode filter. You can use it in series or in parallel configurations or as two separate 12dB filters, as one 24dB filter or as a combination of both eg. dual bandpass.



Both filters have a slope of 12dB and a characteristic switchable between low pass, band pass and high pass. In addition there´s a separate notch output.

A Mix output with manually and voltage controllable mix amount of filter 1 and 2 is available which allows for new possibilities in waveshaping and filtering.

The inputs of the Micro Hadron Collider are very sensitive and can distort heavily if desired which can provide nasty, screamy sounds in combination with high resonance settings.

Each filter has CV inputs for cutoff frequency and resonance. The audio and CV inputs of filter one are normalized to filter two. The 1V/oct input can be routed to filter 2 with a switch.

Filter 2 can use one of the following as its input: the output of Filter 1 (series), the input of Filter 1 (parallel) or it's own input (split).


audio inputs: In 1a, In 1b, In 2 (with level controls)
audio outputs: Out 1, Out 2, Mix Out, Notch Out
CV inputs: Cutoff 1+2, resonance 1+2, Mix (with attenuators), 1V/oct (non-attenuated)


3U Eurorack module, 16HP wide, 25mm deep

current draw:
+12V rail: 80-100mA (up to 120mA with Audio Expansion Module)
-12V rail: 70-85mA (up to 110mA with Audio Expansion Module)

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