WMD’s MSCL is a punchy stereo compressor that outshines many pieces of well-known studio gear. The module was designed to “glue” (sub) mixes together. However, it is also mighty attractive for processing individual signals. Being inspired by classic DBX compressors, the MSCL features just one knob for adjusting ratio, gain and threshold values. Additional parameters, such as attack and release, allow the user to fine tune the module's behavior. Besides compression, it is also possible to utilize the circuit as a limiter. A sidechain input helps creating ducking effects.



The MSCL is suitable for both subtle as well as powerful compression. Ratio (1.25:1 to infinite), makeup gain and threshold are edited with just one potentiometer. In detail, the threshold is lowered while ratio and makeup gain are turned up. - And vice versa. Additionally to said knob, there is a switch defining the threshold range used. (-15 dBu, -4 dBu, +5 dBu) Thanks to this control element, it is possible to not only use the MSCL with modular signals, but other audio material as well. A second switch allows the user to curb the makeup gain by 3 dB or 9 dB. As a result, the module will behave more like a peak limiter. Attack (0,15 ms/dB to 0,1 s/dB) and release phases (0,6 ms/dB to 4s/dB) can be edited via corresponding potentiometers. A volume control at the output makes it possible to add up to 35 dB of gain. Thanks to a sidechain with bypass switch, the user is able to control the compressor’s control path via external signals to create ducking effects.

MSCL = Muscle - Any questions?

Two audio inputs and outputs (L / R)
Sidechain input


3U Eurorack module, 4 HP wide, 38 mm deeep
Power consumption: 50 mA at +12 V and 50 mA at -12 V

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