WMD - Multimode Envelope Expander


This nice module expands the WMD Multimode Envelope by handy features like voltage control of the separate envelope segments, "End-of" pulse outputs plus retirgger and hold functions.



Functions that will expand the Multimode Envelope:

  • Voltage control of Attack-, Decay- and Release times and the sustain level. the CV inputs ahev bipolar attenuators. In full clockwise position one volt at the CV input will double the rate of the segment.
  • End-Of-Attack, End-Of-Decay, End-Of-Sustain and End-Of-Release outputs give a pulse signal after finishing the according segment.
  • Retrigger input: sets a fired envelope back to zero and retriggers it.
  • any signal at the hold input will pause or freeze the envelope.
  • ADR-Timescale: CV input for simultaneous control of the Attack-, Decay- and Release parameter. This input tracks 1V/octave over approximately 2 octaves.
  • The Reset-On-Gate switch determines it the Multimode Envelope will be reset when receiving a gate as long as its output it above 0V

Four LEDs show intesity of each envelope segment. The expansion module needs to be connected to the Multimode Envelope with a 20-pin ribbon cable.


CV inputs for Attack, Decay, Sustain, Release and "ADR TimeScale". Retrigger input and hold input.

Pulse outputs for End-Of-Attack, End-Of-Decay, End-Of-Sustain and End-Of-Release.


3U Eurorack module, 6HP wide

Current draw of Multimode Envelope and Expander together: 104mA @ +12V and 38mA @ -12V

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