WMD - Multimode Envelope


The Multimode Envelope´s name already indicates it: this is not a trivial ADSR but an envelope with a number of selectable modes: AR, ADR, some modes with dual triggering and also cycling modes are possible by the digital control of the analog envelope generator. In addition you can set characteristics of attack, decay and release time parameters.

An expander module that is available separately gives you the possibility of voltage control of attack, decay, sustain and release parameters and has some other features as well.



Just as with a classic ADSR type envelope you find the parameters attack time, decay time, sustain level and release time. Depending on the chosen mode these parameters are recalled in different orders and it also makes a difference if a gate or a trigger is present:

  • ADSR: This is the classic East Coast envelope shape. Upon a Gate input (key down), the envelope opens, then closes to the sustain level, when the gate is off (key up), the envelope releases to ground. To use as an ASR envelope, turn the Sustain fully CW, and Decay will be ignored.
  • AR: This is the classic West Coast envelope shape. Upon a trigger input, the envelope opens with the Attack control, peaks, and then falls with the release control. It is triggered instead of gated and will not sustain.
  • ADR: The ADR is a trigger mode that will not sustain. Instead, at the sustain point, Decay transitions instantly to Release, allowing you to change shapes or speeds in the middle of the falling action.
  • ADSAR: This gate mode attacks, decays and sustains like a normal ADSR. After the gate is released (key up), the envelope will attack again and then release. This gives you an accent on key up.
  • ADAR: This trigger mode attacks, then decays until the sustain level, then attacks again and releases.
  • ADSRst: ADSR Step Through mode runs one segment at a time as triggered. This mode causes sustain after each segment runs. After attack, it will sustain at 8 volts, after decay it will sustain at the sustain level, after release the cycle is through and 0 volts will be output. Each segment must be complete before another trigger is recognized. This mode requires three triggers per cycle.
  • ADSARst: This is similar to ADSRst, but with a second attack after the decay. This mode requires four triggers per cycle.
  • ADRcy: This mode will cycle automatically after release is compete. It can be an AR cycling envelope by setting the sustain level to maximum. Decay will transition to Release at the sustain point. A trigger or gate will reset to the attack segment.
  • ADARcy: This self cycling mode works just like ADRcy, but will attack again from the sustain point after the decay segment. A trigger or gate will reset to the attack segment.

The shape of the attack, decay and release times can be blended separately from logarithmic over linear to exponantial which has an effect on the punch of the envelope. All three time parameters range from 200µS to 4 minutes. Two LEDs indicate gate status and envelope intensity. A button enables you to fire the envelope manually.


Input for gate or trigger
three envelope outputs: 0-8V, ±8V (16V peak to peak), inverted ±8V output


3U Eurorack module, 8HP wide, 24mm deep

Current draw:
49mA @ +12V (104mA with expansion)
27mA @ -12V (38mA with expansion)

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