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The Overseer is a stereo VCF with high pass and low pass circuits, its design was inspired by filters found on DJ mixers and such. Functional range and front panel of the module were optimized for intuitive operation. Therefore, the Overseer is not only a great partner in the studio, but on stage as well. In terms of sound, the module resembles its DJ colleagues quite well. However, it is more beefy and a little rougher. The Tilt function allows the user to create panorama effects. – Just twist the knobs and enjoy!



The Overseer features a stereo signal path, control elements adjust left and right channel alike. For editing the cutoff, there is a big, handy potentiometer at the top of the front panel. In middle position, sound runs through the module unaltered. By turning the knob counter-clockwise, the user can apply the low pass filter. Movements in the other direction activate the high pass circuit. The cutoff potentiometer’s range can be limited via a switch. In result, it is impossible to accidentally filter out the audio material completely.

Available ranges:

  • High pass (unlimited): 3 Hz to 38 kHz
  • High pass (limited): 3 Hz to 12 kHz
  • Low pass (unlimited): 1 Hz to 32 kHz
  • Low pass (limited): 22 Hz to 32 kHz

The resonance can sharpen sounds very nicely. However, the Overseer isn’t able to self-oscillate. This means, that the circuit never gets painful for the listener’s hearing. A bypass button allows the user to enable and disable the filter on the fly. The tilt potentiometer establishes an offset between the cutoff frequencies of left and right channel and therefore creates stereo effects. Tilt can be applied to high pass, low pass or both filter characteristics. Besides two audio inputs and outputs (L / R), the Overseer has several CV connectors on its front panel. They can be used to influence the cutoff, resonance and tilt parameters via control voltages. Additionally, there are CV inputs with attenuator knobs for high pass and low pass. These inputs can be normalized to a +5 V voltage, making it possible to adjust both filter characteristics separately.


Two audio inputs and audio outputs
CV inputs for high pass, low pass, master (both cutoff frequencies), resonance, tilt


3U Eurorack module, 8 HP wide, 40 mm deep
Power consumption: 100 mA at +12 V and 100 mA at -12 V

0.14 kg
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