WMD - Protostar


Filter pedal featuring four filter types as well as an analog compressor, dry/wet control for parallel compression/filtering, a sidechain input, a fast LFO and an envelope generator for envelope wah effects. An unusual highlight is the minijack patchbay which allows for connecting the Protostar and an expression pedal easily with a patchable synthesizer. Which means the target audience are not only guitarists.
Possible effects are e.g. envelope wah, phasing, ringmodulation imitation, sidechain ducking etc.



The Protostar’s filter is a multimode circuit with a slope of -12 dB or -24 dB per octave and four characteristics, in detail low-pass, band-pass, high-pass and notch.
Values for the cutoff frequency and resonance can be set manually. Additionally, the cutoff can be modulated by the integrated LFO, an Envelope Follower or the control voltage input.
The LFO comes with parameters for speed and modulation depth, both are controllable via CV inputs. The LFO signal can be tapped off another jack of the Protostar’s patch bay.
The Envelope Follower is editable in its threshold as well as attack and release times. The ladder share one potentiometer. A bipolar knob alters the modulation value applied to the cutoff frequency. Again, the signal of the Envelope Follower can be tapped off the patch bay, but here you have two connectors for normal and inverted phase. Using the sidechain input, musicians can run external audio signals trough the Envelope Follower.
The Protostar’s compressor comes with knobs for work intensity and the dry/wet mix.
Send and Return jacks allow to tie-in an external effect. Furthermore, an expression pedal can be connected to the unit. Thanks to the patch bay, it is possible to combine the foot controller with several parameters. Last but not least, the Protostar contains a feedback loop, which can only be influenced by control voltages.


audio input, audio output, send, return
expression pedal input
input for external power supply

inputs: sidechain, LFO rate CV, LFO amount CV, Frequency CV, feedback CV
outputs: expression, inverted envelope, positive envelope, LFO


123 x 98 x 64 mm (W x D x H)

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