This envelope generator can be used in a number of ways: as classic gate-triggered ADSR or as a self-containting, looping AD/ADR envelope with one-shot possibilities. Besides this a VCA is integrated, which is normalized to the enveliope or can be used autonomously.



The usual parameters Attack, Decay, Sustain and Attack don't have to be explained, so assume we. Use the HI/LO button to switch between two time ranges for the time parameters.
The envelope reacts above a gate/trigger threshold of 2V. The envelope is available both positive and inverted at separate outputs.

Important for understanding the module`s functions is the AD/LOOP button which alternates between the ADSR mode and the AD/LOOP mode.

    ADSR Mode (LED is red):
  • The envelope reacts in a classical fashion to a gate signal and passes all four stages - ADSR type. A Trigger/Gate at the Trigger input retriggers the envelope from the beginning of the attack as long as the gate at the gate input is active.
    AD/LOOP Modes (LED is blue):
  • looping AD: without a cable patched to the gate or trigger inputs the attack and decay parameters are looped, like an LFO.
  • triggered AD: a gate or a trigger at the trigger input fires an attack-decy envelope. Classic AD envelope.
  • gated looping AD/ADR: as long as the gate at the gate input is "high" the module will act like a looping envelope. As soon as the gate drops "low", the release phase is started and the envelopes fades out.
  • ADR one-shot: patch the same signal to both the gate input and the trigger input. As long as the gate is "high", the envelope passes attack and decay stages. When the gate drops back to "low", the release phase is started.

The envelope is normalized to the internal VCA which can process both audio and CVs. Inserting a patch cable into the Cv input will break the normalization.


VCA: CV input, signal input, signal output
ADSR: gate input, trigger input, positive and inverted envelope outputs


3U Eurorack module, 6HP wide, 25mm deep
power consumption: 36mA @ +12V and 16mA @ -12V

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