WMD/SSF - Amplitude


AMPLITUDE is an analog, discrete transistor VCA with a wide range of saturation and distortion. Capable of emulating the warmth and fatness of vintage synthesizers, this behavour can be even pushed to the extreme. The VCA's characteristic can be blended from linear to exponential, even dynamically with a CV!



The Gain/Saturation potentiometer determines the level and at the same time the saturation and distortion behaviour, but it is also dependent of the voltages which are applied to the VCA-CV input and/or generated by the OFFSET control.
The latter generates an offset voltage from 0V to +10V which "opens" the VCA and which allows for modulations with bi-polar CVs. At +5V, i.e. in the potentiometer's center position the signal passes the VCA with "unity gain" (as long as Gain/Saturation are at zero). Beyond the center point the signal is being amplified, up to factor 2.

The CV-Response parameter is used for adjusting the VCA's characteristic, or in better words: how the module reacts to the VCA-CV. You can blend it manually from linear to exponential and there's even a CV input for this function!
The VCA-CV which has been processed by the Response parameter is available at the CV OUT socket for further use, i.e. to modulate a filter cutoff.


Signal input, signal output
VCA CV input, response CV input, CV output


3U Eurorack module, 6HP wide, 25mm deep
power consumption: 20mA @ +12V and 20mA @ -12V

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