DPLR alias Doppler is a dual delay module with two interactive delay lines, each with a maximal delay time of 750ms, perfectly suitable for stereo delays.
Three of the four parameters are voltage contollable. With a button you can choose between a number of options regarding crosstalk configurations between the delays (e.g. PingPong) as well as filter feedback settings. That is pretty much for a module which is only 4 HP wide and we can't believe how much reverb can come out of this delay!



The mono input is split and sent to both delays simultaneously. Their common delay time is set with the DELAY A/B control. The time offset between the B delay and the A delay line is controleld by the Spread potentiometer. At maximal values the Regeneration parameter, i.e. the feedback, can echo infinitely and generates interesting noise swashes.
The parameters Regeneration, Delay time and Spread are voltage controllable. The Amount parameter, which controls the dry/wet mix, is the sole one which can be set manually only.

With the button you can select one of seven different crosstalk configuratios which determine how the signals interact between the delays. By pressing and holding the button you select one of four settings which apply to the filter in the feedback path - from dark to very bright.


input, output A, output B
CV inputs for delay time and spread


3U Eurorack module, 4HP wide, 45 mm deep
power consumption: 67mA @ +12V and 31mA @ -12V

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