WMD/SSF - Multi-Mode-Filter


With a narrowness of four HP only this module probably is the smallest multi mode filter with individual outputs. It has a slope of -12dB per octave, voltage control of resonance and a ping input that generates a vactrol-like envelope which modulates the cutoff frequency.



The filter has individual outputs for low pass, band ass and high pass, each of which is -12dB per octave steep.
Of course the cutoff frequency can be set with a control and a modulated by the 1V/OCT and FM inputs. Latter features a polarizer for scaling and inverting the modulation.
The resonance will self oscillatr at maximum setting and the filter will generate a clean sine wave. As the filter tracks 1V/octave you can unse the modules as a sine wave oscillator, for instance as a modulator for linear FM.

The Ping input awaits a gate or a trigger and wheen being fried it generates a fast decay envelope which modulates the cutoff frequency. The envelope has a vactrol-ish character although no Vactrols are used in the filter circuitry.
Ping can be normalized to the FM socket in order to be attenuated, or it can go direcly to the cutoff with full amplitude. This can be set with a jumper.


signal input, low pass out, band pass out, high pass out
CV inputs: 1V/octave, FM, resonance
ping input


3U Eurorack module, 4HP wide, 25 mm deep
power consumption: 62mA @ +12V and 24mA @ -12V

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