WMD/SSF - Quad Attenuator


There is not much you can do when manufacturers omit attenuators at their module's CV inputs - Either live with it or use external modules for that task. We do not intend to mention these pesky extra patchords here you need in addition, not at all.
Well, now to WMD/SSF's Quad Attenuator - It is exactly what it sounds like.



Four passive attenuators in a 4 HP narrow module. Each one with an input, an output and an attenuating potentiometer in between. Nothing fancy here, no polarizing functions or such (not possible in a passive circuit by the way), but for around 20€ per attenuator you can't do anything wrong.


per attenuator: one input and one output


3U Eurorack module, 4 HP wide, 25 mm deep
passive module = no power consumption

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